Bedroom Aids


Various tools are available that can make a stay in bed more comfortable for the patient…

  • Bedside Commode-This economy model bedside commode is adjustable in height, stackable and has a padded back and padded removable seat. Includes plastic toilet seat, pan and lid.
    Code: 440mm  
    Seat Width: 440mmArm  
    Height: 680 – 820mm  
    Seat Height: 480- 620mm  
  • Cobra Bedstick-This single Bedstick is a very supportive rail that provides patients with assistance in getting in and out of bed and repositioning.
    Code: 2042  
    Height: 510mm  
    Reach: 460mm  
    Material: Epoxy coated steel 
  • Removable Bed Rail-This removable bed rail fits under the mattress and is a firm support designed to help the patient in repositioning whilst in bed, or getting in or out of bed. Also provides balance and support when dressing, or to prevent patient from falling out of bed. 
    Code: 2020  
    Width: 600rnm  
    Reach: 540mm  
    Material: Epoxy coated steel
  • Blanket Support-Designed to fit under the mattress to form a support to keep bed clothes clear of the feet and legs.
    Code: 2010  
    Height: 580mm  
    Width: 330mm  
    Reach: 510mm  
    Material: Epoxy coated steel  
  • Over the bed frame-This heavy tubular steel frame is supported by a u-shaped base and features an adjustable strap and triangle to assist the patient in sitting up in bed, or to reposition themselves. Easily dismantled. 
    Code: 3011  
    Height:800 x 910mm  
    Material: Powder coated tubular steel