Quality Aids

True Blue Mobility specialises in mobility aids and we know the importance of supplying quality products that are safe and long lasting.

Our range of products includes…

Lift Chairs

  • We sell lift chairs to suit your other furniture
  • A quality lift chair will give you years of service
  • You’ll be surprised what a difference a lift chair can make to your mobility

Mobility Aids

  • Walking sticks and canes to give you added security when you are unsteady on your feet.
  • Walking frames to give you stability and extend your walking distance
  • Walkers to extend your walking distance and give you somewhere to rest and carry your shopping
  • Handy bars to aid exiting and entering your car

Bed, Bath and Toilet Aids

  • Bath and shower stands give you stability, confidence and safety in the bath and shower
  • Toilet aids make using the toilet more convenient
  • Bedroom aids keep you comfortable when confined to bed

Beds and Accessories

  • Quality beds are essential for long term comfort and to ease the work of carers
  • Quality mattresses aid comfort and recovery during long term bed stays


  • We have a wide choice of chairs available
  • Most are easily transportable
  • We can help you choose the right chair for your needs