Choosing a Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooters are a great way of getting around, when getting around is difficult, however choosing a mobility scooter to match your needs can be difficult!

Experience is important in choosing a scooter!

True Blue Mobility has been selling and servicing mobility scooters for many years and this experience is invaluable when it comes to helping you choose the right scooter. There are many factors in choosing a scooter and True Blue Mobility has a checklist of questions to guide you towards the right machine for your needs.

Price, size and brand are important factors, but without the right experience it is hard for you to make the correct choice. Where you live, your lifestyle, the terrain where the scooter will be used all need to be considered.

Customer service you won’t find elsewhere

True Blue Mobility will let you take test rides in our shop, and will even come to you to make sure the scooter is appropriate to your circumstances.

Up to date knowledge and support

Mobility scooter technology has developed at a dramatic rate, and advances in the electric engines and batteries has even led the automotive industry. True Blue Mobility has been at the forefront of this development and is able to provide service and support to both the latest scooters, and older models too!