Breeze C3

The outstanding design of the Breeze C along with the user comfort facilities: a fully adjustable swiveling orthopedic seat that gives easy access and an enjoyable ride, the DELTA tiller that provides easy steering and is fully adjustable to accommodate any driver. A top quality drive is guaranteed with an advanced full suspension system.

In addition The Breeze C features a large rear basket (optional accessory). The 3 wheel model allows for perfect mobility on narrow sidewalks and convenient maneuvering in shopping centers for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Overall Length: 132 cm
  • Overall Width: 67 cm
  • Overall Height: 126 cm
  • Ground Clearance: 12 cm
  • Weight: With batteries 122 kg Without batteries 93 kg
  • Travel Range: 40 km
  • Weight capacity: Inc. driver 150 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 15 Km/h
  • Max. climbing angle: 16%
  • Turning radius: 170 cm
  • Seating: 46 cm
  • Tires type: Pneumatic
  • Tires size: Front 4.1/3.5X6″ Rear 4.1/3.5X6″
  • Battery type: Two 12V 45-50A/h
  • Power unit: Rear Wheel Drive 24V DC motor
  • Color: Metalic Silver / Blue